General Ruminant feed mainly for feeding Cattle, Camel, Sheep and Goats. Feed is formulated keeping in mind the demand of locals. It helps in maintaining vigor of animal along with milk production in Cattles and Camels. For sheep and goats it is mainly a maintenance ration.

Feed at a rate of 1 kg for every 1-1.5 kg milk in cattle and camels.

For Sheep & Goats:  500 gm - 750 gm per head per day.

Make sure the supply of fresh grass and hay all the time.

Maintain a continuous supply of fresh, clean water all the time for better performance.





Crude Protein              (min.) 13 %
Crude Fat                    (min.) 2.5 %
Crude Fiber                 (max.) 10 %
Calcium                       (min.) 0.9 %
Phosphorus                  (min.) 0.6 %
Vitamin A                   (min.) 10,000 %
Vitamin D                   (min.) 7,000 %
Vitamin E                    (min.) 20 %
Metabolizable Energy (min.) 10.5 MJ/kg
Moisture                      (max.) 12.5 %
  • Vitamin and Mineral premix added following NRC (2001).